Health & Dental Insurance

Canada Life offers two types of Health, Dental and Extended Health Care Programs under their Freedom to Choose Plans:

Guaranteed Plans (3 options) are for clients who have lost health & dental coverage in the last 60 days and are great for those who have experienced a recent change in employment or are nearing retirement. These plans are only underwritten for rate classification and offer guaranteed acceptance, including coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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Select plans (3 options) are great for contract workers, self-employed or employees with limited benefits. These plans offer higher drug maximums. They are medically underwritten for eligibility and pre-existing conditions may be excluded.  

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Greenshield also offers two types of Individual Health, Dental & Extended Health Care programs:


Health Assist ZONE offers ‘coverage for life’ – whether you are self-employed, a small business owner (for you and your employees), or work on either a contract, part-time, seasonal, or temporary basis. Health Assist ZONE offers eight bundled plans with varying levels of health, dental, drug and travel coverage at competitive prices – plus a few added perks.


Health Assist LINK offers guaranteed coverage to individuals who are switching from a group benefits plan – no health questionnaire is required if you apply within 90 days of leaving your group plan. Whether you are between jobs or transitioning to retirement, LINK provides varying levels of health, drug, dental and travel coverage at competitive prices – plus a few added perks.

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